Vinnslan is a group of 7 artists from Iceland. We make films, installations and theatre performances. Once a year we curate an event/festival where we invite more artists a residency  to create, make and share their work in progress. The result is always an amazing night where hundreds of audience members join the sharing, often with a drink in their hand and smile on their faces surrounded by music, art, performances and other surprises!
vinnslan is:
Arnar Ingvarsson -Technical designer
Biggi Hilmars- Artistic director- musician
Guðmundur Ingi Þorvaldsson- Artistic director- actor
Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir- Producer
María Kjartansdóttir- Artistic director- visual artist
Starri Hauksson- Bar manager
Vala Ómarsdóttir- Artistic director- performance maker

Vinnslan -the group



DSC_3431 1

2.mynd frá vinnslu






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